Đà Lạt

Đà Lạt did not seem like any other Vietnamese city we visited. It is higher, colder, cleaner, it is surrounded by pine trees instead of coconut trees as well as greenhouses instead of rice fields.

Former resort center for wealthy colons at the beginning of the 20th century, it also features some interesting “art-deco” buildings and streets.

One of the city highlights is the historical Railway Station, which is said to share its architectural design with Deauville’s station in Normandy (France). From there, we took the only train line, still operated today for tourism purposes, to get to Trại Mát a nearby village with an impressive pagoda.

Exploring the area
Đà Lạt surroundings also feature several waterfalls and coffee plantations, which reminded us of the Lao Bolaven Plateau.

We also stopped by a small silk factory and took a few pictures of the silk processing:

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