Cần Thơ, a birthday in the Mekong Delta

Happy Birthday!
Mum’s birthday was initially the reason why we invited her to join us to visit Vietnam. It turns out the Mekong Delta was a perfect place to celebrate it!
Believe it or not, even though our lodge was in the middle of nowhere, the owner still managed to get her a birthday cake from a local bakery!

Below is a summary of this special day!

The most famous attraction of the Mekong Delta is probably the Cần Thơ floating market, said to be one of the latest floating markets in the world.

As we wanted to stay away from the city (Cần Thơ being the fourth biggest town in Vietnam!), we had picked another rural lodge, one hour far from it. So we woke up super-early, Mum blew out her birthday cake candles, we climbed up the lodge speedboat and then enjoyed a peaceful ride on several water canals while the sun was rising, stopping by a smaller market on the way!

Rice Noodle Factory
On our way back from the market, we stopped to visit a local noodle factory, which uses tourists as workers… Isn’t it scandalous?! 😀

Again, staying in a beautiful lodge in the middle of nowhere was a very nice and refreshing moment, especially because the people we met were really kind and welcoming. We also enjoyed both their garden and fruit farm!

Finally, after 5 days in the delta, we made our way back to HCMC in a typical Vietnamese sleeper bus, as Mum asked for it!

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