Nusa Penida, a Balinese Wonder

Nusa Penida is an Indonesian island located between Bali and Lombok. When we left France in September, it was not part of our plans. We had already been in Bali a few years ago so we simply did not think about getting back there.

But we finally added it to our trip while we were in Thailand, as our friend Berru told us he would be working there for a few weeks in a local Diving Center. He did not have to convince us to come: { green island + beautiful beaches + scuba diving } already looked like a great combo!

Nusa Beaches
Most likely the most amazing parts of Nusa Penida are its beaches: usually difficult to access, but very rewarding once you get there!

Diving in Nusa
The island is also famous among scuba divers for being, mainly because of Manta Point, a hotspot where these big rays are seen all year long. It actually is a “cleaning station”, i.e. a place where they come for a little brushing! 😉

Local Culture

Nusa Review
Though we stayed only one week, we figured it deserved a short review!

  • Duration: 8 days
  • Before: Vietnam (Hoi An)
  • After: New Zealand
  • Expenses: 650€/pers (with flights from Da Nang)

Some facts:
– Second night with a noisy mouse this year! It must have laughed at me when I tried plugging the holes of our wooden bungalow! 🙂
– Thank you, Berru! This week in Nusa Penida felt like vacations in the middle of our holidays!

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