Kop Khun Krap!

After one month, dozens of phad thai, several coconuts, hundreds of kilometers with motorbikes and a virus outbreak, we decided to leave Thailand. Well, to be accurate we did not exactly “decide” to leave, but our 30-days visa came to an end.

Trip Summary

  • Duration: 29 days (from January 7th to February 4th, 2020)
  • Before: Cambodia
  • After: South & Center Vietnam
  • Expenses: 1450€/pers (with flight from Phnom Penh)

Our journey

Interesting facts
Motorbikes: the usefulness of motorbikes in Thailand have finally won over the lack of insurance coverage :-/ Once back in France, I promise I will follow the day training to get my motorbike driving license!
That’s it! 😉

Three words in Thai
In Thai, some expressions differ depending if you are a men (M) or a woman (F).
– Bonjour : Sà wàt dii krap (M) / Sà wàt dii ka (F)
Merci : Kop khun krap (M) / Kop khun ka (F)
– Au revoir : Lakon !
– Oui : Krap (M) / Ka (F)
– Non : Well, we don’t know this one as Thai people never say no! 😉

What else?

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    • – “Well, actually, it means a lot of things. Loosely translated it means ‘Attention’, ‘Listen up’, ‘Concentrate’.”
      – “‘Yoo-hoo’?”
      – “Yes, in a manner of speaking.”

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