Arkoun Chran!

Trip summary

  • Duration: 28 days
  • Before: Laos
  • After: Thailand
  • Expenses: 1350€/pers (with flight from Paksé, without BB’s birthday specials!)

Our journey

Interesting Facts
History. We heard a lot and learned about the Red Khmer period almost everywhere in Cambodia. It was only 40 years ago, meaning that numerous people involved (willingly or not) in the killings (or torture) are still living among the population. This stroke us at first, but when you think about it: is it not the only way to move forward ?
Roads: one could think the Kingdom of Cambodia competes with Laos for the shittiest roads across South Est Asia. Truth is we had brand new or decent roads almost everywhere, except for the trip between Phnom Penh and Kep.
Fun fact: we learned Kampot’s main streets were rebuilt in less than 48 hours before the king visited the city 🙂
Street weddings… While in Kep, we came across a few weddings taking place in the middle of the road. Imagine you are driving a motobike on a national road, then suddenly there are hundreds of chairs, tables, decoration and people gathered on the asphalt. Surprising!
– …Or funerals! The previous fact also works for funerals.
Grab is the local Uber, except here probably nobody complaints about the work conditions. As the public transportation system in main cities is almost inexistant, we relied on Grab during our visits. Not only is it useful when you can’t speak Khmer, but I loved these rickshaws!
Geckos. These little yellow lizards are everywhere and their typical cry is quite powerful for their size. I tried once to chase one in our bathroom and…Damn, they run fast!!
Banking. Same annoying local-fee-on-withdrawal story as in Laos. But the good news is many places accepted our mastercard with no additional fee!

Khmer Kitchen
Looking at these pictures, it looks like we had a seafood diet in the South of Cambodia!

Survival Guide
Below are the khmer words we used daily. To be honest, they are also the only ones we know, even after a month in Cambodia!
Sou sdey : Bonjour
Li Hai : Au revoir
Arkoun (chran) : Merci (beaucoup)
Sok sabay : Comment ça va ? (Note that this one gets trickier when it comes to understanding the answer of the person you are talking to! ;-))


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