Back in Bangkok

Before leaving in September, we were not sure we’ll stop in Thailand as we already visited some parts of the country in 2016. However it turns out 1) January may not be the best moment to visit the center of Vietnam (our next destination) and 2) we kind of wanted to spend some time on blue waters and sandy beaches for a change (we are in vacations after all 😜). Therefore, we finally decided to fly to Bangkok.

Back in 2016, we had spent a few days exploring the famous Bangkok temples, its klongs (canals) and the night market in the Chinese districts. So we looked for something else. By chance, our AirBNB was located in the Japanese district, which we didn’t know about. Apart from wandering in Bangkok streets, we also visited the Chatuchak Weekend Market, said to be the biggest market in the world and climbed up to the top of Wat Saket (Golden Mount), which offers a nice yet cloudy overview* of the city.

But the highlight of our visit was probably the day we spent biking in Bang Krachao, an urban jungle in the middle of the capital.

* Bangkok air was quite polluted while we were there, resulting in a visible gray sky above our heads :-/

Wat Arun
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