Welcome to Cambodia!

I don’t usually write articles, even though I provide a lot of moral support to our favorite author 😜 and bug him with my precision freak validation. But I’m making an effort for this one because it includes Benjamin’s birthday. I don’t write them mostly due to efficiency reasons… The proof: it took me almost 2 months to post this article (more precisely 51 days and 7 hours).
So we started our trip in Cambodia by celebrating BB’s birthday in a fancy resort in Siem Reap. Program of the day: Keyforge (opposing Penelope la Veloce to the Poetically Graceful Vogel), swimming pool, Keyforge, exquisite couple massage (ok, I managed to squeeze something in for me too 🤩), Keyforge, birthday dinner. And of course, we couldn’t miss BB’s all time favorite dish, the Quiche, not exactly typical khmer, but fortunately a popular dish worldwide.

Angkor temples
Even though it was difficult to leave this quiet and charming resort, we had to visit the famous ruins of the Khmer empire capital, Angkor. So we hired a tuktuk for 2 days to wander around the temples. And they are indeed very impressive.

Besides the well preserved temples and sculptures, it was particularly fascinating to see the old trees with their giant roots growing on some of those structures.

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  1. Effectivement j’ai cru avoir oublié d’actualiser la page en voyant la photo illustrant l’article 😁
    Mieux vaut tard que jamais
    Jolies photos

  2. Zum Geburtstag viel Glück! Wann kommst du in Zweibrücken?
    PS : komm nicht mit deiner blonde Freund

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