Kampot, the Pepper city!

While in Kep, we heard about Kampot, its bigger sister, only 30mn far by rickshaw. We also heard that people usually stay in Kampot where there is much more to do, and only come for a day or two in Kep. So as we did not have any plan, we figured we could spend New Year’s eve there. But many accommodations found online were already fully booked. Fortunately, while visiting the Kep archipelago, we came across a group of friends who recommended us to stay at “La Java Bleue”, a former colonial house converted into a guesthouse, which had just re-opened the week before. I wish we had some pictures to share; not only were the room very stylish, but also the team was eager to speak about both the Kampot area and their own story.

Happy New Year!
Instead of having a big westerner-style firework, Kampotians gather on the river side with powder sticks they fire all night long. So we got caught up in the game!

During the next 3 days, we rented a motorbike to explore the surroundings, before returning to Phnom Penh by train and then catching a flight to our next destination.

Along the Praek Tuek Chhu River

Fish Island
I don’t remember exactly why it is called “Fish Island”, but we saw more salt fields than fishing boats there! Driving on the little dirt path was sometimes a bit challenging but the landscapes were worth it!

Bokor National Park
The Bokor Mountain used to be a secluded French colonial station where people came to cool down during the hot season. Due to the Red Khmers history, quickly followed by the construction of huge and ugly hotels, it is no longer. But the drive up to the top remains nice, featuring some creative and religious arts pieces among vestiges of the past.

One question remains: many salt fields, but where is the pepper? 😉

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  1. Coucou à vous grands voyageurs ! Vous nous faîtes toujours rêver !
    Kampot ça ravive aussi des bons souvenirs :-).
    Profitez bien, de grosses bises.

    • Ah vous y étiez passés ? On s’y est franchement plu ; même si elle est loin d’être impressionnante c’est une région bien sympa à explorer par soi-même !
      (Je viens juste de voir ton commentaire en fait – Si je te dis que j’ai migré le blog sous docker le mois dernier et que je viens de me rendre compte que l’envoi des notifs par mail est passé à l’as dans le process ça te rappelle qqc ? :-D)

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