The Shiny Tokyo

It’s been days since our last post, so this one should be rather long. For those who want the short version, it all started here:

Okonomiyaki Tasting (Dracula version)

and ended up like this:

For everybody else: we arrived in Tokyo five days ago after an entertaining 16h journey from Bucharest. Could not really find the time to give some news, as we did enjoy the city with our friends Titi and Lulu who spend a few days there before flying back to France.
Below are several pictures, summarizing what we visited.


Imperial Palace East Gardens

Though the emperor Palace is closed to tourists, wandering in its beautiful garden is allowed (and relaxing).

Tokyo by Night

Some pictures taken from the top deck of Tokyo tower.

Digital Art Museum

Recommended by a colleague of mine (many thanks, Albert!), this “digital” light-based exhibition was worth a look (a bit crowded though).
Museum official website: https://borderless.teamlab.art/

Thank you again Lulu & Titi for introducing us to the Japanese lifestyle and food: okonamiyaki, arcade games, parfait (not so perfect btw 😉 ), karaoké, … We’ll also try for sure the happy pancakes and octopus balls in the coming days!

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  1. Je ne me rappelle pas avoir donné mon droit à l’image pour publier ces photos compromettantes ?
    Bon, tant que c’est que les photos et pas les vidéos, ça ira pour cette fois!

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