And now, Laos!

To avoid a rather long journey by bus (and also visa scams at the Laotian border), we took a one-hour flight from Hanoi to Luang Prabang.
Luang Prabang is quite different from the other South Asian cities we visited previously. Surrounded by mountains and the Mekong river, the town itself is actually small enough to be entirely visited by foot.

Besides wandering in the streets and stopping here and there to visit some temples, we took a day tour to the wonderful Kuang Si Waterfalls

…and enjoyed the sunset from the Phou Si viewpoint! Though the picture looks nice, the place was overcrowded, so we shortly left after the sunset.

Phou Si viewpoint

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  1. Magnifique cet endroit du Laos !
    Ça donne vraiment envie…pour un prochain voyage ..
    Des bises gelées (l’hiver est vraiment arrivé ici ?)

  2. Tu te rappelles qu’en quatrième on chantait la chanson « laos sur la montagne les deux pieds les deux mains dans la merde » ? Ah le bon vieux temps

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