Cảm ơn nhiều!

We arrived in Laos almost 2 weeks ago and though we’ll return to Vietnam in a few months to visit the South and the Da Nang area, it’s time for a short review!
– Duration: 29 days
– Before: Japan
– After: Laos
– Expenses: 1700€/pers (with flight from Osaka)

Our trip

Interesting Facts
– As you may have heard, driving in Vietnam is crazy! (Mum you would not survive it !)
– Sleeper buses are fun at first, then painful, especially when you are 191 cm tall! 😉
– We miss Japan hi-tech toilets!
– In almost all the guesthouses we visited, showers and toilets were in the same room. In fact, there is no shower cabin, meaning the bathroom is the cabin 🙂
– One of us got the first (and hopefully the last) food-poisoning of our trip!
– Local people we met in Vietnam were very friendly and helpful.
– Though many guidebooks/websites speak about it, we only got scammed once or twice.

Discovered Food
Very different from the Japanese food, we tried some very tasty stuff: Bánh xèo, Mì Quảng, Bánh mì, Bún chả, Vietnamese pancakes, Happy Water (Rice wine) and a lot of chicken and many other dishes I cannot remember!
So yeah, there is much more to discover than Bo Bun, Nems and Pho (French stereotype!)

Bonus pics

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