Arigato Gozaimazu!

(French) : J’aime les gateaux et les limaces!

We left Japan on October 16th (already 2 weeks ago!) and now seems to be a good time for a short review of our 3 weeks there.
– Duration: 24 days (from September 23rd to October 16th, 2019).
– Before: Romania
– After: Vietnam
– Expenses: ~3000€/pers, including one-way flight from Bucharest, accommodations, food and visits.

Our trip

Interesting Facts
– Hi-tech WC: in many restrooms, there are electronic buttons to open/close the toilet bowl, flush it, warm it up before you seat and eventually wash your butt! 🙂
– There are public restrooms everywhere
– It is really hard to find trash bins (or we did not manage to spot them?) but the streets are super-clean!
– We only met a few accommodation owners. Most of the time, we received check-in instructions or even videos describing how to find the place we had booked.
– People working for the railway stations were really helpful. In Tokyo, an employee even ran to purchase tickets for me as the train was about to leave! 🙂
– The average living space per person in Japan is around 22 square meters. I guess we won’t complain anymore about how small our flat is when we get back.
– While accommodations are more expensive, food is usually cheaper. We had very good meals for less than 10€/pers in some local izakayas.

Discovered food
Yuba (soy milk skin), Okonomyaki, Takoyaki, Onigiri, Happy Pancakes, Parfait, Shabu Shabu Hida Beef, Hōtō (and countless ramens, tempuras, sushis, tatakis)

Bonus pics

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