Kyoto, the Eternal City

Though we spent 5 days in Kyoto, we did not go much out of the beaten path for various reasons (Hagibis typhoon being one of them) so we basically focused on the city “must-do” attractions.

Also we eventually prepared for the Hagibis Typhoon (said to be the biggest typhoon striking Japan in 2019) by gathering water and food for 3 days, staying locked up in our micro-apartment while constantly watching at the online weather reports for… Well for almost nothing! 🙂 It turns out Hagibis did not hit Kyoto at all and we only had a little shower with a cloudy weather. Better safe than sorry!

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  1. En voyant les photos, on se dit, et plus particulièrement moi : ce pays sent carrément la zen attitude 🙂

  2. Un héritage du bouddhisme, certainement ! 🙂
    Gros contraste avec Hanoï d’ailleurs :

  3. Did you guys have some pics of the appartments, i’m interested in knowing how it looks like 🙂

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