Takayama, a gateway to the Japanese Alps

We arrived at Takayama by bus from Kawaguchiko and stayed 5 days in this nice little town, located in the Japanese Alps (actually not so little as it is the prefecture of Gifu). Takayama has conserved its traditional city center, made of typical Japanese wooden houses. It is also a hub to access many points of interest in the Alps: Kamikochi, Shirakawa, Hida Minzoku, Norikura Mountain, etc…

Takayama City Center

What’s more, the city has really nice (and green) walking trails leading to various temples and shrines; we went for the Higashiyama Walking Course which was recommended in a local tourist map:

Takayama is also famous for its typical dishes (especially Hida Beef) and has many restaurants. Best ones being those you don’t spot easily on the street!

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