Si Phan Don

Poetically called “The four thousand Islands”, Si Phan Don designates the small scattered islands over the Mekong delta, at the southernmost area of Laos, before the Cambodian border. Visited by many backpackers, the area features two impressive waterfalls, which we were luckily enough to visit off the crowds.

To explore the first one, Khone Phapheng Falls, we followed our guesthouse recommendation and asked a local resident of Don Det island, to take us there with his boat. Though we woke him up in the middle of his nap, Mr Phao (his name) was nice enough to drop us close to the waterfall and waited for us there.

Icing on the cake, we enjoyed sunset from his boat on the way back to Don Det.

On the next day, we rented good-looking bicycles* to get to Don Khon island, where is located the Li Phi waterfall. They turned out to be cheap, as we both broke one pedal! After trying to cycle awkwardly with the one left, we finally gave up and walked back to Don Det! 🙂
*before you ask — they did not have suspensions!! 😉

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